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Nylon Vacuum Bags for food packaging requirements.

Sizes – 15cm x 20cm to 48cm x 52cm

70 Micron Thickness for strong sealing.

90-100 Micron Thickness for special sealing requirements.


Suitable for Vacuum packing of garments & various products samples.

Wide range of paper and cardboard bags from various sizes.

Labels & Printed paper bags for packaging requirements

Printed Stickers in various sizes to meet your requirements.

Suitable for plastic bags & sheet manufacturing.

Coloured poly sheeting commonly used for covering and agriculture.

(25Kg-30kg per roll)

On demand Manufacturing

About Us

Packaging Products for Food industry

We are importing, Manufacturing & Distributing polyethylene based packaging products in Sri Lanka.

We have wide range of products specially focused on food exporting industry.

Our products include linear low density polyethylene based (LLDPE) nylon bags, Low density polyethylene based (LDPE) disposable cups. Paper Bags , Cardboard packaging boxes , Printed labels and Stickers.

Polythene Manufacturing Plant 
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